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How Hotel Lincoln Uses ROH to Streamline Contracts and Cards on File

Hotel Lincoln Chicago Hotel Lincoln Chicago
Hotel Lincoln Chicago
Crescent Hotels & Resorts
184 Rooms, 934 SF of Meeting Space
Early or on-time payments
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Average time to signed client contracts

Chicago’s Hotel Lincoln puts sincerity at the forefront of every guest experience by infusing Midwestern warmth into its services and designsfrom the pleasantry of the staff to the locally inspired interiors. This boutique hotel has nearly 1k square feet of meeting space, picturesque views of Lake Michigan, proximity to noteworthy attractions like Lincoln Park, award-winning on-site eateries, and 184 guest rooms designed by acclaimed interior designer Andrew Alford that invite the charm of Chicago into every detail.

Sales team members of Hotel Lincoln faced a challenge when it came to processing payments and gathering deposits due to their antiquated systems that lacked security and efficiency. The absence of modern sales tools such as COF capabilities and digital contract signing resulted in a lack of team efficiency, as well as less credibility between guests and the property. With ROH the sales team regained control through new SOPs that prioritize simplicity, safety, and modernization. Dive into the entire case study below to see how Hotel Lincoln transformed its business with our platform.

The Company

A welcoming boutique hotel in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, Hotel Lincoln is a contemporary Crescent Hotels & Resorts venue offering convenience and accessibility to the city's most popular attractions like Lincoln Park Zoo and DePaul University. Exuding inevitable midwestern charm, this unique stay is part of the JdV by Hyatt branda collection of vibrant, independent, and inclusive hotels that reflect the local originality of their surroundings.

The Challenge

Authenticity and dependability are hallmark characteristics of the Midwestern experience that guests can expect when staying at Hotel Lincoln. Developing a backend system that reflected the same front-end level of trust between property and client was a major priority for the sales team. Older systems required team members to enter credit card information manually, multiple times, which jeopardized security and reduced efficiencies amongst the team. Credit card and deposit links expiring after the event date also gave their team challenges if they needed to settle post-event charges.

"Another challenge in the past was invoicing and ensuring we collected a deposit at the time of the contract," says Eduardo Navarro, Corporate & BT Sales Manager at Hotel Lincoln. The limitations in not being able to collect all necessary information at once created lag time, delays, and disorganization. Putting the sales team back in the driver's seat with new SOPs that welcomed simplicity, security, and modernization became ROH's biggest focus.

The Solution

The ability to send contracts, invoices and request COFs digitally, in a single email sent from ROH's multi-purpose platform (without the fear of a COF expiration date) has created faster transactions and eliminated unnecessary paperwork. "Being able to knock out the contract, authorization form, and deposit at one time is the best," divulges Navarro, "I am never worried about the coordinator inputting the card [or] worrying about getting a new authorization form if it was not put in." Team members having access to a high-level snapshot of all contracts and invoices, even when on the go with a centralized, mobile-friendly admin dashboard, "is very reassuring and extremely user-friendly!"

Hotel Lincoln has transformed its customer experience by providing a safer, faster, and more seamless process from booking to final bill, resulting in increased revenue and overall productivity.

The Results

With ROH, Hotel Lincoln can securely store credit cards in the same system where they process payments. No expiration, card-on-file functionality frees up time and team productivity, allowing team members to fully embrace one platform that provides modern, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly sales tools.

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