Welcoming Renault Winery Resort to the ROH Family

 Renault Winery Resort

Renault Winery Resort combines the pleasures of wine, dining, accommodations, and recreation to offer guests a memorable and enriching experience in a picturesque setting. Whether visiting for a weekend getaway, special event, or corporate retreat, guests can expect a blend of luxury, relaxation, and hospitality at this Vivâmee Hospitality-operated resort.

Established in 1864, this historic winery is the latest partner to join forces with ROH, leveraging ROH's vertical SaaS solution to drive revenue growth while ensuring an exceptional experience for customers.

We look forward to all of the exciting growth and updates to come. To learn more about how ROH can drive transformative growth for your property group or hospitality brand, schedule a demo with our team.

About Renault Winery Resort

Situated in the scenic Pine Barrens region of New Jersey, Renault Winery Resort offers guests a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. One of the primary draws of Renault Winery Resort is its history. Established in 1864, Renault Winery is significant in New Jersey's winemaking history. Guests can immerse themselves in the rich heritage of the winery through guided tours, historical exhibits, and exploring the picturesque grounds.

The resort boasts comfortable and luxurious accommodations, including guest rooms and suites. Guests can select from multiple room types, ranging from those with vineyard views to ones with balconies. The lodgings are specifically designed to provide a peaceful and pleasurable stay amidst the picturesque surroundings of the winery.

Renault Winery Resort features several dining options, including a fine dining restaurant, casual eateries, and a charming outdoor patio. Guests can indulge in gourmet meals paired with Renault wines, offering a culinary experience that complements the winery experience.

The resort offers versatile event spaces suitable for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions. Whether hosting a small intimate gathering or a large-scale celebration, guests can take advantage of the beautiful vineyard setting and customizable event packages.

In addition to wine-related activities, Renault Winery Resort provides various recreational amenities to enhance guests' experiences. These may include a golf course, spa facilities, swimming pools, and outdoor activities such as hiking or biking trails. These offerings ensure that guests have plenty of options to relax and unwind during their stay.

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