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Maximizing ROI: How Colonial Williamsburg Streamlined Operations with ROH

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Located in the heart of Virginia, Colonial Williamsburg stands as a living tribute to America's vibrant history and cultural legacy. For those in search of an unparalleled and immersive adventure, a stay at Colonial Williamsburg Resorts offers more than just a retreat—it's a voyage through time. Each of Colonial Williamsburg's five distinguished accommodations has partnered with ROH to provide an exceptional client experience. 

An all-too-common challenge for a property of this scale is that the sales and finance teams were spending more time on administrative tasks than revenue-generating tasks. Manually collecting physical contracts and deposits was a cumbersome process that added unnecessary time and complexity. To streamline their operations and transition from outdated methods to an entirely electronic system, they needed an easy-to-use solution that could automate tasks and consolidate information for their teams. Read the full case study below on how Colonial Williamsburg Resorts streamlined operations with ROH.

The Company

Guests can book a stay at the Williamsburg Inn, use Bonvoy points at the Williamsburg Lodge, Autograph Collection, relax at the Griffin Hotel, enjoy the unique Colonial Houses in the Historic Area, or stay in the family-friendly Williamsburg Woodlands Hotel and Suites. Each of the five Crescent Hotels & Resorts accommodations offers comfort and elegance, surrounded by the ambiance of the 18th century. The resorts themselves are a blend of modern luxury and colonial charm. Strategically located, the resorts provide easy access to nearby attractions like Jamestown and Yorktown, making them an ideal base for exploring the region's historical treasures.

The Challenge

Before implementing ROH, the sales and finance teams at Colonial Williamsburg Resorts were overwhelmed with time-consuming manual tasks, which took their focus away from their customers and more profitable revenue-generating activities. The use of paper contracts and deposits required physical signatures, making the process labor-intensive and inefficient. The challenge of ensuring coordination and communication across all five properties further added to the operational inefficiencies. 

Brittany Rice, the Director of Sales at Colonial Williamsburg Resorts, acknowledged the organization's cautious stance towards adopting new technologies. "We are slow to embrace technological changes," she says. This hesitancy stems from factors like the resort's unique operational culture, limited resources, and concerns about disrupting existing workflows.

The finance team at Colonial Williamsburg Resorts also lacked an effective system for tracking and managing aging AR, including automated reminders for timely follow-up on overdue payments.

The Solution

Even in the early stages, the finance and sales teams at Colonial Williamsburg Resorts recognized ROH's significant potential for ROI. "Our team is going to be able to focus more on revenue, which is the most important thing rather than administrative work," says Rice. ROH streamlined processes reduced paperwork, and facilitated easy digital payments. ROH's cloud-based platform also offered a centralized hub, facilitating real-time collaboration and communication among team members. Furthermore, ROH accelerated deposit collection, minimized aging AR, and enhanced financial transparency across teams. 

Additionally, ROH has significantly enhanced the customer experience with easy-to-pay digital invoices and one-click contract signing, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Automated reminders for pending tasks further ensure that no overdue payments slip through the cracks.

Personalized support from the ROH team was also crucial in managing the implementation process. “When you have an opportunity to really build a relationship with your vendor, you're much more inclined to trust them, trust in the process, and trust in the product itself,” explains Rice.

The Results

By embracing digital transformation with ROH, Colonial Williamsburg Resorts emerged more agile and efficient. The transition from outdated processes to an electronic system not only alleviated administrative burdens but also empowered their global sales team to focus on revenue-generating tasks, positioning the organization for sustained growth and success in the competitive hospitality landscape. Rice adds, "It’s great to have a system that’s going to make sure that everything is up to date, and obviously collecting money is very important.”

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