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A New Era of Productivity: ROH’s Role in AC Hotel Fort Worth Downtown’s Sales Success

AC Hotel Fort Worth AC Hotel Fort Worth
AC Hotel Fort Worth Downtown
Fort Worth, TX
252 rooms, 7,000 SF of event space
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The AC Hotel Fort Worth Downtown is an upscale stay centrally located in downtown Fort Worth with proximity to some of the bustling city's most popular attractions. Operated by Crescent Hotels & Resorts, ROH's cloud-based platform, and user-friendly features, accommodated sales and finance teams to seamlessly collaborate and manage all contract revenue, allowing their teams to do more with less.

In order to improve the processes between their sales and finance teams, AC Hotel Fort Worth Downtown set out to find an innovative and user-friendly solution. The sales team required a system that could easily keep track of overdue invoices and contracts, as aging AR became an increasing challenge. With ROH, their teams at AC Hotel Fort Worth Downtown successfully cut down their accounting time (chasing payments) to just one hour per week. Read more about their success story with ROH.

The Company

Located in downtown Fort Worth, the hotel offers easy access to key landmarks like Sundance Square, the Fort Worth Convention Center, and the Cultural District. With its modern design and sophisticated atmosphere, AC Hotel Fort Worth Downtown provides a stylish escape. Guests can unwind in chic surroundings featuring contemporary artwork and upscale décor, creating an ambiance of urban refinement. The dedicated staff prioritizes personalized service, whether arranging transportation, offering local tips, or fulfilling special requests, ensuring every guest's needs are met with care and attention.

The Challenge

Operating as a full-service property, the hotel’s large amount of group bookings and management of over 9,000 square feet of event space was an operational challenge. As a sister property to four hotels under the same ownership, sharing one accounting team became a tedious and stressful process for both parties. "It evolved to where my team was spending two full days on accounting per week, cutting into time we could be selling," said Ashley Trimble, Director of Sales & Marketing. The team needed a solution to streamline their processes and free up time for their sales team to focus on generating revenue.

Implementing a system that could store credit cards in the same platform where they process payments was also essential, as "95% of our group bookings are credit cards and master accounts, which goes to show why ROH is such an advocate for us on billing," said Trimble.

The task ahead was to find an innovative and easy-to-use solution to make their accounting and finance tasks simpler and faster. They required a system that could send daily and weekly reminders to keep track of overdue invoices and outstanding contracts.

The Solution

“When I learned about all of the things ROH could do, it basically became our internal accounting department,” said Trimble. With ROH's platform and features, the sales team stayed organized thanks to real-time notifications, daily reminders, and weekly follow-ups. These tools allowed team members to easily track outstanding invoices, contracts awaiting signatures, and customer payment confirmations.

The process of sending documents directly through ROH, complete with a link for electronic signature, garnered excellent feedback from customers at AC Hotel Fort Worth Downtown. This streamlined approach led to quicker contract signings and facilitated faster payments. "The system's user-friendly nature benefits both us and our customers, making it a major selling point. Uploading documents is effortless," adds Trimble.

The accessibility of ROH, with one centralized hub, ensures smooth management even when a sales manager is absent. With everyone having access to all groups and billing information, collaboration is seamless, fostering teamwork and keeping everyone up-to-date.

The Results

"ROH has given us more autonomy over our group sales process,” said Megan Alvarez, Senior Catering Sales Manager. "The accessibility of ROH for our entire sales team has really allowed us to keep on track with our billing, response time to clients, and our internal accounting." Automated email reminders ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, and timely notifications for overdue tasks and contracts give the sales team a streamlined way to manage their workload. One centralized location makes locating events, invoices, and contracts convenient and accessible for the entire team. "If there is a DOS that's selling, and I could help them, I would jump in and be like 'You need to do this, it's important!'" advocated Trimble.

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