ROH Reduces Contract-Driven Transaction Costs by Over 30%

ROH reduces transaction costs

In today's digital era, convenience and cost-effectiveness are the cornerstones of successful business transactions, and the hospitality industry is no different. As hotels grapple with the ever-increasing credit card fees, both for themselves and their customers, ROH's payment options emerge as a game-changer, offering simple and affordable payment options for their contract-driven revenue customers.

ROH has successfully introduced an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly ACH/e-check experience that promises to reshape how hotels and their contract-driven clients manage digital transactions. The core benefits? For hotels, a staggering reduction in transaction costs by over 30%, and for their clients, an easy-to-use mobile experience with no fees.

In many instances, hotels often have to incorporate credit card fees into their pricing models, or alternatively, pass them onto the customer, neither of which is ideal. For contract-driven revenue, these fees can add up, impacting the sales process and overall conversion. Clients (particularly large corporate/group clients) need affordable ways to pay with no hassle and little to no fees. 

This is where ROH's intuitive user experience and ACH/e-check options become invaluable. ROH offers a seamless experience right at the fingertips of users. As a  mobile-friendly experience, it caters to the vast majority of clients who rely on their smartphones for day-to-day transactions. This ease of use ensures that clients, regardless of their tech-savviness, can comfortably navigate and complete their payments without any hiccups.

But what truly sets ROH apart is its direct assault on high transaction costs. By slashing these costs by over 30% and improving sales conversion rates, ROH provides a win-win scenario for businesses and clients alike. Businesses can enjoy a boost in their bottom line, or opt to offer more competitive prices, while customers relish the benefits of not being burdened by additional credit card fees.

In a world where the digitalization of payments is paramount, ROH's ACH/e-check system is a breath of fresh airno more collecting account numbers via PDF or transacting over the phone. ROH's emphasis on simplicity, mobile accessibility, and significant cost savings ensures it's set to revolutionize the future of hospitality digital transactions. Say goodbye to credit card fees and embrace the future with ROH.