Payment Options to Uplevel The Customer’s Experience

Digital Payment Solutions

The hospitality industry is experiencing a notable evolution, progressively utilizing technology to improve both customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. New technologies save operators costs, ease processes, and remove parts of the hotel experience that guests don’t love (calling for room service anyone?).

According to Skift, “Non-cash transaction volumes are projected to surge to $2.3 trillion by 2027, and it has become essential for hoteliers to embrace a variety of payment options to enhance guest satisfaction.” 

At ROH, we provide modern payment options as part of our tech stack that elevate the customer experience with convenience, security, and flexibility while simultaneously expediting organizations’ billing processes. This is achieved by automating things like invoicing and reminders, offering convenient payment methods, and - for our property clients - seamlessly integrating with existing business systems, ultimately enhancing efficiency.

ROH is at the forefront of transforming payment processes in the hospitality sector, markedly reducing time to payment, increasing conversion rates, and enabling increases to room rates. Hospitality brands leveraging ROH experience a time-to-payment of less than two days and a 4.5x return on investment in the first 12 months.

Discover how ROH's comprehensive payment solution was carefully crafted to elevate the client experience.

Mobile-Friendly, Digital-First Payment Options: In today's digital age, customers expect the convenience of mobile payments. ROH’s vertical SaaS solution creates a seamless mobile payment experience, enhancing speed and cash flow as customers make digital payments.

Flexible Payment Options: Whether it's credit cards, ACH, or alternative payment methods, customers have the freedom to choose how they prefer to settle their accounts. This flexibility reduces friction in the payment process, making it easier and more convenient for customers to complete transactions.

Smooth ACH Check-Out Process: ACH payments can be a pain, but enabling customers to initiate them directly from a property’s invoice eases the friction of utilizing this payment method. This flexibility accommodates clients' varying financial needs and preferences while removing the need to login to one’s banking portal to initiate an ACH transfer.

Indefinite Links: ROH provides clients with convenient, non-expiring payment links, minimizing staff management. This frees up time for more productive tasks and enables staff to assist customers promptly, enhancing overall efficiency.

PCI Compliance: Security is paramount in today's digital landscape. ROH’s payment solutions prioritize security, maintaining PCI compliance to protect customers’ information and maintain trust. This adherence to industry standards reduces the risk of data breaches and fraud, easing staff concerns and enhancing overall experience.

About ROH

ROH powers hospitality. As a rapidly expanding vertical SaaS platform, ROH drives conversions, increases revenue, and delivers data and insights to the largest asset owners, hotel groups, and property operators that collectively manage over $500B in annual revenue. Developed by industry leaders, ROH has established relationships with best-in-class businesses including Loews Hotels & Resorts, Crescent Hotels & Resorts, and Concord Hospitality. Backed by 1Sharpe Ventures, Founders Fund, Acrew Capital, Moore Specialty Credit, Correlation Ventures, SilverCircle, GMO VenturePartners, and others, ROH’s quickly becoming the system of record for hospitality businesses as they optimize sales and finance operations and access the platform’s proprietary property, portfolio, and market-level data.