Meet Kasey Denton, Director of Partnerships at ROH

With over 15 years in the hospitality industry (and a vivacious laugh that sparks joy in any room), we sat down with our very own Director of Partnerships to learn more about how her vast hotelier experience helps her connect with each property team member’s unique point-of-view, and how her expedited implementation process helps our partners get contracts signed and deposits paid faster.

What is your role at ROH?

Momager. Well, not officially.

I am the Director of Partnerships, which means I work with the property success team to ensure the implementation of the ROH platform is seamless for our property partners. Any given day can mean something different; I can be on-site visiting with our partners, I can be on back-to-back Zoom calls with hotels and resorts providing best practices on how to get the most out of their ROH partnership, and some days it’s all about strategy on how we can continue providing solutions that allow our partners to do more with less. Every day it’s about making our team and partners feel supported and valued (while getting some laughs along the way).

How did you get your start in hospitality?

I studied hospitality business at Michigan State. I grew up in a pretty small town, but travel was important to my family, so I had personal experience of how valued authentic hospitality isI romanticized that and decided at age 18 to make it my life goal. After graduating, I joined the team at Four Seasons Hotel Chicago and grew into a sales manager role. There are still habits and best practices I honor from my time there.

How did you find yourself at ROH?

I met our founder, Jess Levin Conroy, at an industry function and immediately clicked with her energy and drive. She’s one of those people that makes everyone in her orbit better, and I wanted to be part of the positive change she was creating in the hospitality industry. Thankfully she wanted me in her orbit, and we determined a role where I could bring value through my experience and relationships with hoteliers.

How do you marry your 15 years of experience in the industry with speaking to the value of ROH? How does this help you better connect with hospitality teams?

I progressed my career from coordinator to conference services manager to catering manager to group sales manager, so I have walked in the shoes of many of our partners. I can fully understand opportunities and the value proposition of ROH from each property team member's POV. Being able to speak to our partners' individual needs makes implementation as seamless as possible.

How do you help property team members ease into the implementation process?

We have a fabulous property success team that provides detailed training and best practices for our partners in which I participate to learn feedback on what is working well and what we can improve upon. Hospitality is all about relationships, even on the software side, and I love interacting in person with our community.

What's the average time it takes someone to learn our platform?

Because the platform is built to be intuitive, our property success team can get properties up and running after three, 20-minute calls!

What ROH platform feature could have added the most value to your career while you were working in hospitality?

WOW! Where to begin? There are a lot of benefits to ROH, but let’s be completely honest, getting contracts signed and deposits paid faster is where it’s at. An average turnaround time for a contract to be signed and an invoice paid when sent through ROH is less than two days, and our current record for time-to-payment is three minutes! Now that is a GAME CHANGER!