Unlocking Revenue Growth: The Role of ROH in Hotel Group Bookings

Hotel Front Desk

Group bookings, or advance bookings made for several rooms at once, represent a crucial revenue stream for hotel operating companies and asset owners. Effective management of group business is essential for maximizing revenue and maintaining a competitive position in the hospitality industry as many operators seek to capture demand via direct channels while increasing rates.

Marriott International's 2023 IR report showcases that group bookings accounted for 24% of overall global room night mix, contributing to a substantial $13 billion in annual hotel room revenue. Impressively, group bookings have shown a notable increase of 9% in average daily rate (ADR) in comparison to 2019. A direct channel with room for rate expansion is one of many reasons group bookings are such an important metric and growing focus, for leading hospitality operators.

ROH's vertical SaaS solution built for the hospitality market empowers brands to automate back-office tasks, gain visibility into aging AR, and drive revenue growth. ROH enables data-driven decision-making regarding group bookings as it informs users on trends, conversion rates, guest feedback, and more.

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Increased Efficiency with Task Automation

ROH automates repetitive tasks associated with group bookings, such as generating contracts, sending confirmation emails, and processing payments. This frees up time for revenue-additive activities and improves overall sales and finance team productivity.

Streamlined Group Booking Management

    ROH's centralized dashboard revolutionizes the way finance and sales teams collaborate, empowering teams to efficiently manage reservations, room allocations, and communication with group organizers all within a single, integrated platform.

    Data Analytics and Reporting

    ROH's reporting and analytics capabilities allow hospitality brands to gain valuable insights into their group booking performance. With features for analyzing trends, conversion rates, and guest feedback, hotels can continuously optimize their strategies to drive revenue growth. According to Hyatt's 2023 Investor Day Report, group revenue in March 2023 was ahead of that in 2019 by 30%. As for total room revenue in 2022, group bookings made up a substantial 25%.

    About ROH

    ROH powers hospitality. As a rapidly expanding vertical SaaS platform, ROH drives conversions, increases revenue, and delivers data and insights to the largest asset owners, hotel groups, and property operators that collectively manage over $500B in annual revenue. Developed by industry leaders, ROH has established relationships with best-in-class businesses including Loews Hotels & Resorts, Crescent Hotels & Resorts, and Concord Hospitality. Backed by 1Sharpe Ventures, Founders Fund, Acrew Capital, Moore Specialty Credit, Correlation Ventures, SilverCircle, GMO VenturePartners, and others, ROH’s quickly becoming the system of record for hospitality businesses as they optimize sales and finance operations and access the platform’s proprietary property, portfolio, and market-level data.