How Collaboration Saves Time & Increases Satisfaction for Hospitality Teams

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As the famous quote from Henry Ford goes, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” In the hospitality industry where there are many moving pieces operating at breakneck speed, departments can quickly silo from one another.

That’s partly due to each team’s hyper-focused attention to detail, which ensures that on-site teams deliver exceptional customer service, sales teams close more deals, and finance teams secure more payments on-time. On the other hand, disconnects across the organization can cause additional work and slow progress.

The value of collaboration for hospitality teams

At its core, collaboration is about creating transparency and opening lines for good communication. Operating by these values has the power to save time and increase job satisfaction by making it easier for teams to get the information they need, when they need it.

With good collaboration, hospitality teams become more productive and turn to one another to solve challenges, increasing creativity and engagement property-wide. As naturally social people, members of the hospitality industry know the value of a welcoming environment that builds strong relationships.

And as recent research points to more challenges in the office, with 80% of workers expressing a sense of loneliness and only 36% feeling engaged at work, it’s critical to proactively foster a collaborative environment.

How to improve collaboration between hospitality teams

Want to increase collaboration at your property, but unsure where to begin? Here are a few ways to jumpstart collaboration between hospitality teams, whether it’s cross-departmental at a property operator level or vertically between operators and asset owners.

  • Agree on communication guidelines by deciding what “good” communication looks like for your property.
  • Establish a collaborative environment by using “we” and “us” vs. “I” and “them.”
  • Encourage personal relationships by celebrating milestones and recognizing individual and team achievements together, as one company.
  • Identify areas of improvement across the property and ideate together to find solutions.
  • Host “lunch and learn” sessions that create opportunities for everyone to join together and learn something new. Can’t get everyone together at once? Host sessions with alternating teams and people to give everyone the chance to work together over an extended period of time.

And of course, don’t forget the value of collaborative technology, which can also increase transparency and encourage collaboration. Broadly speaking, tools like Slack can streamline short and quick communications and Asana or Airtable can help with project management.

When it comes to tools built especially for the hospitality industry, turn to ROH. Using smart data and intelligent workflows, our purpose-built platform provides standardization and real-time, actionable insights to each team member.

With ROH, everyone from sales and finance to area vice presidents and asset owners gain visibility into each property’s revenue lines managed through the platform, from group bookings to corporate sales. From a collaboration standpoint, this visibility offers instant access that removes roadblocks like chasing down team members or submitting tickets to obtain key information. As a result, time savings increases, stress levels decrease, and communication for everyone becomes easier.

To learn how ROH can help your property group or hospitality brand drive collaboration, conversions, and revenue, sign up for a free demo.