6 Advantages of ROH Automation for Back-Office Efficiency

Automation Back-Office Efficiency

The automation of back-office tasks is crucial to countering rising operating costs. Hotel operating companies leverage ROH to focus on areas that enhance efficiency without compromising the guest experience. Automation in accounting, finance, sales, and marketing can significantly reduce the manual workload, allowing staff to focus on more strategic aspects of their roles.

Some key advantages include increased efficiency and productivity, as automation reduces manual workloads and accelerates processes. This, in turn, allows employees to focus on more strategic and value-added tasks.

Additionally, automation facilitates better decision-making by providing real-time insights through data analysis. It enables faster response times to changing business conditions, ultimately improving overall agility and competitiveness. Insights into payment trends and outstanding balances empower businesses to take proactive measures.

Read more on the advantages ROH's vertical SaaS solution provides hospitality teams looking to automate back-office operational tasks.

1. Gain a Competitive Edge:

Hotel operating companies can leverage ROH to remove manual processes across the entire hotel back office, including moving to a paperless night audit and automating daily and monthly accounting tasks with real-time data. 

2. Be Efficient:

Digital tools are transforming night audit processes, making reporting more efficient and reducing the time spent on manual data entry. The transition from manual reporting with multiple Excel sheets to automated, cloud-based systems is streamlining operations, making it easier to archive reports and ensuring quick access to information.

3. Save Time:

In the accounting department, automating Income Journal updates and bank and OTA reconciliation processes can save days of work at the end of each month and catch errors in OTA commission calculations.

4. Cut Costs:

ROH automates the invoicing and billing processes, ensuring invoices are generated promptly and accurately. Automated billing cycles help reduce delays and human errors, contributing to a more efficient AR workflow and preventing the associated costs of rectifying mistakes.  

5. Increase Cash Flow:

Automate follow-up processes to ensure timely communication with guests regarding outstanding balances. Streamline processes for quicker turnaround times and improved cash flow. Automated reminder notifications can be sent to guests for pending payments, reducing the likelihood of oversights.

6. Improve Guest Experiences:

By automating routine tasks, hospitality teams can focus on delivering exceptional guest service rather than spending excessive time on administrative duties. Automation facilitates better communication between different departments, ensuring that information flows seamlessly. This leads to improved coordination and, ultimately, a more coherent and positive experience for guests.

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